Each bespoke project is handled personally by Stephanie Van Zwam, who will design the piece after carefully consulting with you. 


Stephanie looks forward to accompanying you on this journey of creating your dream, your own custom-made bridal jewellery. You can rest assured that your wishes will be taken into consideration from the initial creative process to its final completion.  


We work with both local and international clients, and can easily discuss all the steps needed to make your vision a reality, whether in person or via Skype / Phone / Email. We routinely work with remote clients who find the bespoke process simple and easy to follow.


Your bespoke experience will be inspiring, engaging and rewarding. It will be about creating your dream jewellery piece right in front of your eyes - one that will truly symbolise your union.

The steps to your one-of-a-kind piece are as follows:


A first consultation where Stephanie will explain to you the design process and you will share your inspirations and your budget.


If your piece requires one or several precious stones, we will source for you an assortment of lab-grown gems, and then present you with a selection of designs drawn specifically for you according to your brief. Once you have chosen a design from the initial options, it will be refined and developed further until it is just right for you and no-one else - a one-of-kind piece. We have access to the finest ethical lab-grown stones for you. 


Once you have approved the design and the cost, we will begin making your ring. We pride ourselves on the fine quality of our craftsmanship, fusing modern techniques with traditional jewellery skills, thus creating a truly special piece to be treasured for generations to come.

Depending on the complexity of your design, the process takes between 6-10 weeks from the moment the final design is confirmed to the completion of your bespoke piece.

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